Flood your client car dealership
with leads directly from your office

Marketers can now import leads into Automotive CRMs.
Step 1

Create a lead entry

Fill out contact information, desired vehicle, and trade-in information, then click the "Create Lead" button.

Step 2

Lead is sent to client's CRM

A lead is transformed into an ADF and sent to your client's CRM and/or autodialer.

Step 3

On to the next one

After a successful send, you will be brought back to the Create Lead step, for quick processing of many leads.

Battle-tested with CRMs & auto-dialers dealers actually use.

No-fuss setup for ProMax, CallCommando, MotoSnap, Car CRM, eLeadTrack, and more

Email and Phone Support

Get in direct contact with a developer to resolve any setup issues.

Save time and money, give better service.

You can have it all. Reliable importing without needing to send a worker on-site. One person can service multiple dealerships at a time.

Simple Pricing, Unlimited Leads

Monthly access for ADFEase is $500/mo. With that, you get unlimited leads and support. Cancel any time. We offer a 7-day free trial to make sure it's a good fit for your company.